Cool your room in less than 5 minutes

  • Don’t suffer the heat!
  • Three  fan speeds
  • Cools, humidifies and cleanses 
  • Save  money

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Cool any room in less than 5 minutes without using an air conditioner!

Waiting for summer? Air cooler prices are higher

Beat the heat and save money by getting the portable mini fan Nexfan now!

Don't wait until summer when prices go up. Stay cool and comfortable wherever you go with Nexfan.

Revolutionary Portable Fan Cools in Record Time - Only Seconds!

The revolutionary Nexfan portable mini fan system uses water and ice to generate a stronger cold air flow.

Nexfan is a silent fan that not only provides coolness but is also perfect for sleeping, studying, working, reading, napping, or exercising at home without any noise or distractions.

Revolutionary Portable Fan: Powerful and Whisper-Quiet Technology Unleashed!

Nexfan is efficient, small, portable and cools the air much faster than other models.

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Portable fans are the best solution to beat the heat in summer due to their convenience, affordability, and energy efficiency.

A group of American engineers with over 40 years of experience in air conditioning have launched a portable mini fan called Nexfan, which can combat heat with just one button, quickly and easily, without maintenance costs.

My wife and I love this device! You fill it with water and it releases fresh air throughout the house. And it’s completely silent! We have one for each of us, in case we are in different rooms. 100% recommended.


Main advantages

  • Cool your room in less than 5 minutes
  • It has three fan speeds, is very quiet and has a low power consumption.
  • It cools, humidifies and cleanses hot air in any room. Its revolutionary system uses water and ice to generate a current of cold air.
  • Compared to other traditional appliances, it is more efficient, smaller, more portable, and cools the air much faster. Take it everywhere!

How to use it?


It’s very simple to set up. Fill the reservoir with tap water - you can also add ice - and press the start button. A single full tank will last you all day.


Take it anywhere you like, the office, the bedroom, the garage, the kitchen...


Set the speed that best suits the moment, but, in any case, you’ll start to feel the freshness in any medium-sized room in less than five minutes flat.

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Is the fan portable and easy to use?

Yes, the fan is portable and easy to use.

Can I add ice to the fan to make it cool faster?

Yes, you can definitely add ice to the fan to make the air cooler and fresher during hot weather. This is a simple and effective way to beat the heat.

As a potential customer, can you confirm if this portable fan is quiet?

Yes, this portable fan is quiet and peaceful.

Are there any offers available?

Yes, there’s a 50% off launch promotion.

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